Empowering Grassroots Activists

Capitol Hill Group 2009 credit Rebecca SullivanAt RESULTS we know that voting is only the starting point of civic participation. Active citizenship happens all year, every year. Consistently calling, writing, meeting, and working with legislators are what make the difference. RESULTS and REF excel at empowering citizens in the vibrant practice of democracy.

In fact, RESULTS’ unique power comes from our nationwide network of volunteer activists. We train and support these “everyday heroes” on how to:

  • Speak powerfully about the causes of and solutions to poverty;
  • Develop relationships with elected officials who determine policies and funding levels;
  • Work with the media to raise awareness and build public pressure; and
  • Mobilize communities to take action.

Our method of training, coaching, and supporting individuals helps them overcome resignation about their ability to make a difference. It also inspires them to speak powerfully and take strategic and effective actions. As a result, they’re able to inspire their communities, elected representatives, and the media to create a world without poverty.

The success of our work proves that ordinary citizens can create extraordinary change.

Expanding Our Network

Diverse RESULTS volunteersThrough our Diversity, On Campus, and Faith in Action task forces, we’re working to bring new and important voices to our work. Find out how you can be involved.

Awaken Your Voice

“This has been an awakening for me of how democracy should work. I realize now that ordinary people like me have power beyond their own communities.”

— John Hornby (left with Rep. Norm Dicks)

RESULTS partners with Rep. Norm Dicks