Empowering Grassroots Activists

“This has been an awakening for me of how democracy should work. I realize now that ordinary people like me have power beyond their own communities.” — John Hornby, RESULTS volunteer

RESULTS’ unique power comes from our network of volunteer activists. We train and support these our volunteer advocates to:

  • Speak powerfully about the causes of and solutions to poverty;
  • Develop relationships with elected officials who determine policies and funding levels;
  • Work with the media to raise awareness and build public pressure; and
  • Mobilize communities to take action.

Our method of training, coaching, and supporting individuals helps them overcome resignation about their ability to make a difference. It also inspires them to speak powerfully and take strategic and effective actions. As a result, they’re able to inspire their communities, elected representatives, and the media to create a world without poverty.

The success of our work proves that ordinary citizens can create extraordinary change.

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