“To Catch a Dollar” Resources Page

RESULTS is a partner in the nationwide release of the documentary To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America. The March 31, 2011, nationwide screening was a great event and success, not only for raising awareness about U.S. poverty and microfinance, but also to engage others in the efforts to end poverty in the U.S. and around the world. At least thirty-seven RESULTS groups actively engaged in promoting the film by inviting people, hosting tables, and making announcements at their local screenings. This film and follow-up campaign offer a chance to educate those interested in poverty and/or the work of Muhammad Yunus and microcredit.

RESULTS Board Member and Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus will be at the IFC Center in NYC on September 25, 2011, to kickoff a Fall To Catch A Dollar theatrical and educational tour, with an economic empowerment campaign for America. Each night during opening week showings will be followed by discussions with leading organizations and key figures to provoke conversations about entrepreneurship, job creation, financial literacy, savings, and microfinance as a way out of poverty in the US. RESULTS volunteers in New York City and also Los Angeles will take part in screenings that week, and other RESULTS chapters will participate in screenings on college campuses later this fall. For more details including special events and ticket information, please visit the To Catch a Dollar website. Here are some resources and materials designed to help you with follow up and events going forward:

Campaign Resources

General Information about To Catch a Dollar

Below are materials and resources volunteers used for promotion and outreach at the screening. We will leave them up in case you want to use any of these resources for follow-up activities.

Preparing for the Screening

Materials to Help Publicize the Screenings

Materials to Have at the Screening