Outreach Guide for February 14 Nicholas Kristof Event


Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity: A Conversation with columnist and author Nicholas Kristof

You don't need to invade a place or install a new government to help bring about a positive change.
- Nicholas Kristof, author of A Path Appears


What is the opportunity?

The book A Path Appears follows on from the popular book and companion documentary Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide which was written by New York Times columnist Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn and which debuted last fall. In A Path Appears, Kristof and WuDunn’s focus turns to “a unique and essential narrative about making a difference in the world — and a roadmap to becoming a conscientious global citizen.” The companion documentary series will begin airing on PBS on January 26, and RESULTS is fortunate to be included in Kristof and WuDunn’s book as one of several ways citizens can get involved in making the world stronger, safer, and better. Using words like “persistent,” “convincing,” and “transformational” to describe RESULTS volunteers and their work, Kristof and WuDunn generously promote our advocacy efforts as an important way American citizens can get engaged in actions that help save lives.

We are honored that Mr. Kristof and Mrs. WuDunn have included RESULTS in their efforts. To highlight and expand our work together, RESULTS is thrilled that Mr. Kristof will participate in a National Outreach Event with RESULTS on Saturday, February 14 at 2:00 pm ET. We encourage you to invite others to this webinar with Kristof and to create an outreach experience that will inspire potential new advocates and engage existing ones. Use the guide below to create a tailor-made gathering for your community.

  • Find a location and an inspiring format. Local libraries, meeting rooms at coffee shops, etc. are great places to have public meetings.
  • Publicize your meeting date and time. Including a finish time alongside the start time is often helpful. Advertise in your local paper and on social media. Include a link to the official A Path Appears website – www.apathappears.org – as well as a link to the RESULTS website – www.results.org.
  • Use social media to enhance your event. Plan to have someone tweet your event. Include the RESULTS Twitter handle: @RESULTS_Tweets. Post about the meeting on your own Facebook page or create a Facebook event to enhance your person-to-person inviting.
  • Invite. Set a goal for how many people will invite to come and have everyone in the group commit to getting at least two people in the room through personal invitations. Make a list of the people you plan to invite and begin inviting them to attend your event. Remember that invitations in person or by phone are most effective (emails work for reminders). Make your invitation well in advance (3-4 weeks) and then follow up. Use the customizable Outreach Flyers below to get the word out about your local event. For each person you invite, get a confirmation as to whether they will or will not be coming so you know who to expect. Send reminder emails a couple of days in advance of the event, and then make reconfirmation phone calls to those who have confirmed 24-48 hours in advance.
    • Here is a sample laser talk you can customize and use to invite:

Story of Self: I love being part of RESULTS because it’s training me how to do things I never thought I could do like influence Congress on the root causes of poverty, change policy, and save lives.  

Story of Us: I know you and I have talked about your interest in ending poverty as well. So you may be interested to know that RESULTS is highlighted in the new book A Path Appears by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and co-author Sheryl WuDunn. The book focuses on what it means to be a change agent, and we’re so proud to be included in that.

Story of Now: With the start of the 114th Congress, we have a fresh opportunity to make change real. We are thrilled to have Nicholas Kristof joining us on February 14 for a national webinar to discuss his book, our power, and the change that’s possible in the world. Our local RESULTS group will be hosting a live viewing party for the event. I would love to have you there. Would you be interested in joining us? We will meet Saturday, February 14 at _______ (time) at ___________________________ (location).

  • Prepare.
    • Organize your snacks, beverages, room set-up. Make sure you have copies of the February Action Sheet (U.S. poverty-focused or global poverty-focused), paper, pens, sign-in sheet, RESULTS brochures, and participation forms. Many of these resources can be found on our website under “Outreach Resources.” Action sheets will be available by early February; read through yours first so you’ll be ready to speak and share the action at the meeting.
    • Consider watching the companion documentary series “A Path Appears” on PBS, beginning on January 26. Invited guests might be interested in watching to gain context and a better sense of what “A Path Appears” is all about before attending the webinar. Check local listings at http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/path-appears/.
    • If you would like to test your video and audio equipment before the event, RESULTS staff will be available to have you log in to test your equipment. Simply go to the log in page and connect to the webinar at one of these times: February 11 at 8:00 pm ET, February 13 at 12:00 pm ET, or February 14 at 12:00 pm ET.
  • Meet. The webinar begins promptly at 2 pm ET, so have your guests arrive at 1:30 pm ET.
  • 20 min: Welcome guests and have them sign your sign in sheet. Socialize and snack. Thank people for coming.
    • 5 min: Have everyone briefly introduce himself or herself.
    • 10 min: If you have the tech capability, show the RESULTS video “Everyday Heroes” - http://tinyurl.com/EverydayHeroesVid
    • 5 min: Distribute action sheet and help people become familiar with it.
  • 60 min.: Participate in the webinar. Find log in information here.
  • 10 min.: Do a quick debrief of the webinar
  • Sample discussion prompts:
    • What struck you about the discussion with Kristof?
    • What did the webinar suggest to you about citizen empowerment?
    • Did you hear anything surprising? Troubling? Something with which you agree? Disagree?
  • 15 min.: Take the action. Download the U.S. Poverty Action on Protecting SNAP (pdf) or the Global Poverty Action on Appropriations (pdf)
  • 5 min.:   Close
    • Invite new people who were inspired by the presentation to get involved in RESULTS. Take down contact information of those interested via the participation forms and let them know of next meeting date and time.
    • For those who don’t want to come to the next meeting, ask them if they are interested in taking actions or coming to a future special event. These people can become a part of your local Action Network.
    • Thank everyone for coming.
  • Celebrate a job well done!
  • Follow up. Make a plan to follow up with everyone at the outreach event.
  • Before leaving on February 14, divide the names of all the attendees among your current group members. Within 3 days, call each one of the people who attended your event and thank them again for coming. Remind them again of your next group meeting and invite them to come. Be sure to note the ones who say they will come and encourage them to sign up for a RESULTS Introductory Call.
  • 2 days before your next group meeting, call people who said they are interested in joining your group and confirm their attendance at the next meeting.
  • Have your Action Network Manager keep track of those interested in staying in touch. Consider keeping a spreadsheet of people, alongside date of most recent contact, nature of contact, actions encouraged/taken, and other notes.
  • Create a plan for engagement for each interested person. What is the next thing you might ask them to do or invite them to so they are inspired to join us and can discover more about the power of our work? It can be as simple as making a phone call about an issue or sending an e-mail. For new people eager to do more, ask if they’d like to take on a role in your group (e.g. point person for member of Congress, outreach coordinator, issue expert, etc. – whatever needs your group has).
  • Again celebrate a job well done!

Materials for Nicholas Kristof Outreach Event

Downloadable version of this Guide (PDF)

Outreach Flyer (full page)

Outreach Flyer (half page)

U.S. Poverty Action on Protecting SNAP (PDF)

RESULTS Participation Form (pdf)

RESULTS Event Sign-in Sheet