Global Action Week for Education 2012

This year, RESULTS Global and U.S. Poverty Groups are partnering with the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) during their Global Action Week for Education from April 22-28. This year’s campaign “Rights from the Start! Early Child Care and Education NOW!” highlights how effective and important quality early childhood education is to development and should be available to all.

Have a few minutes to help end poverty through access to education? 

1. Use our online alert to urge Congress to protect and strengthen Head Start and child care for millions of low-income children in the U.S.

2. Call your representative, write your representative, or write your local paper about the need to support global education for all.

3. Use our online alert to tell the Senate that Microfinance and Education work together around the world, and urge them to cosponsor S.2027.

In addition, this is a great opportunity to do an outreach event in your community, and a particularly good time to identify community leaders with potent voices, or grasstops leaders, who care about education. Do they know about RESULTS and our commitment to early childhood education in the United States as well as our work on access to basic primary education abroad? April is a fantastic time to make a phone call to one or more of those organizations in your town; you might find a new ally, op-ed co-writer, donor, or RESULTS member. This webpage, which will be continually updated during this month, will be a hub of information and resources for you use to create an amazing outreach event!


Ideas for Outreach Activities

  • Host a house party or potluck
  • Do a RESULTS presentation at a local community center, library, school, or faith community
  • Host a screening of a film or select videos on education and hold a discussion
  • Use social media to bring people together by hosting a Tweetup for Twitter users and share facts about Early Childhood Development over Facebook or Twitter!
  • Organize a site visit to a Head Start, Early Head Start, or Child Care Center for your RESULTS group, community members or members of Congress
  • Connect with a local school and teach the “Lesson for All” curriculum to spread awareness among children
  • Gather your community for a “Big Picture” Photo Petition for Education, and send your photo petitions to GCE-US by April 25- The Day of Action- to be included in their Washington, D.C. Event
  • Circulate a petition about supporting the Education for All Act of 2011 on

Outreach Event Planning Resources

How to Host a Successful Outreach Meeting

  • Building a Guest List
  • Training Call about Inviting from October 2009 National Outreach Event: Stand Up for Poverty
  • Guest Inviting/Tracking Form
  • Inviting Script
  • GCE sample Letter of Invitation for local dignitaries or "Grasstops" leaders
  • Sample Email and Social Media Invitations
  • Sample Flyer
  • GCE sample Press Release
  • How to Build a Coalition of Community Allies
  • Sample Outreach Meeting Agenda and Script

  • Training Call on Forming a Powerful Agenda from October 2009 National Outreach Event: Stand Up for Poverty

  • Domestic Laser Talk


    Domestic Action

     on investing in Head Start and Child Care

  •  Global Laser Talk and Global Action on Education for All Act of 2011 
  • Materials to Engage Those Who are New to RESULTS

  • RESULTS Basics tracks and printable brochures, for those interested in taking home more information about RESULTS
  • Information on RESULTS introductory calls and upcoming new activist orientation series, for those who want to talk more about getting involved with RESULTS
  • Training Call on Engaging New Activists: What Will New Members Find When They Join Our Group? and call notes from October 2009 National Outreach Event:Stand Up for Poverty
  • Background Information about Early Childhood Education and Education for All