RESULTS Media Work Helps Keep SNAP Cuts Off the Fast Track

Jos G. Linn, Grassroots Manager for U.S. Poverty Campaigns
May 04, 2015

Now you’ve done it! Many members of Congress had a plan to cut billions of dollars from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps), a move that could have forced 11-12 million men, women, and children off the program and pushed them deeper into poverty. Moreover, Congress would have used a fast-track budget process called “budget reconciliation” to make it much easier to enact these cuts (reconciliation bills cannot be filibustered in the Senate).

But now you’ve messed all that up. Because of your vigilant, compassionate, and persistent advocacy, you’ve helped take SNAP cuts off the fast track. The House passed the final FY 2016 budget resolution 226-197 and, unlike the pervious House proposal, SNAP will not be included in budget reconciliation. This means that if Congress wants to pass SNAP cuts – which they could unfortunately still pursue later this year – they will have to use the normal budget process to do it. While this does not eliminate the threat, it certainly makes it harder to carry out. In fact, without reconciliation, Congress may not have the appetite for a lengthy SNAP battle at all.

So how did you do it? You made sure communities around the country, and the members of Congress who represent them, knew what was going on. In March and April, you got 67 letters to the editor, op-eds, editorials, and other media published about protecting SNAP (see full list below). This is the most successful media push in the history of RESULTS’ U.S. Poverty work. You also made calls to Congress, wrote letters, talked to legislative aides, and met face-to-face with 33 representatives and senators urging them to protect SNAP in the budget. It worked. Your efforts are a tribute to the power everyday citizens have to make a difference.

What happens now? Make no mistake, even with this victory, the FY 2016 budget is bad policy. It proposes deep cuts to the safety net and RESULTS opposes it. And we will have to remain vigilant in the coming months to protect against other possible efforts to cut SNAP. But you can feel satisfied that if Congress does take aim at SNAP again, you’ve helped make it much harder for them to do. And for now, that’s enough.

Thank you! Please share this victory with other in your community and urge them to keep up the pressure on by submitting their own letters to the editor or letters to Congress urging them to protect SNAP.

SNAP Media generated by RESULTS volunteers in 2015:

  1. 2/1/2015: Albuquerque Journal (NM), Poverty programs trap the poor (news article), Charlie and Dee Ivy, RESULTS Albuquerque
  2. 2/24/2015: Abilene Reflector-Chronicle (KS), Huelskamp discusses tough issues during Abilene visit (news article), JoAnn Dimmitt, RESULTS Salina
  3. 3/1/2015: AARP Bulletin, Stop Hunger, Willie Dickerson, RESULTS Snohomish
  4. 3/11/2015: Kitsap Sun (WA), Protecting SNAP makes sense, Donna Munro, RESULTS Bremerton
  5. 3/16/2015: C-SPAN call (DC), Bill Shickler, RESULTS DC
  6. 3/16/2015: Des Moines Register (IA), Hunger in America can be prevented, Willie Dickerson, RESULTS Snohomish
  7. 3/21/2015: The Daily Telegram (MI), Gerson right about building U.S. society, Willie Dickerson, RESULTS Snohomish
  8. 3/23/2015: Indianapolis Star (IN), Don't cut food stamps, Sharvonne Williams, RESULTS Indianapolis
  9. 3/23/2015: Arkansas Business (AR), Stop messing with SNAP, Tamara Bates, RESULTS Little Rock
  10. 3/24/2015: We Get RESULTS (MI), Mary Albertson's internet radio show, Mary Albertson, RESULTS Detroit
  11. 3/25/2015: Snohomish Tribune (WA), Making a difference: Help kids by increasing food stamp funding, Willie Dickerson, RESULTS Snohomish
  12. 3/25/2015: Ogden Standard Examiner (UT), Don't cut food stamps, Debbie Baskin, RESULTS Salt Lake City
  13. 3/26/2015: Deseret News (UT), SNAP for children, Debbie Baskin, RESULTS Salt Lake City
  14. 3/26/2015: Austin American-Statesman (TX), Food stamp assist works fine as it is, Martha Rogers, RESULTS Austin
  15. 3/26/2015: Kitsap Sun (WA), Protect children from congressional cuts, Diana Tyree-Eddy, RESULTS Bremerton
  16. 3/27/2015: Salt Lake City Tribune (UT), Preserve SNAP to feed millions, Debbie Baskin, RESULTS Salt Lake City
  17. 3/27/2015: Capital Gazette (MD), Food aid, Mary Beth Morrissey, RESULTS Baltimore
  18. 3/28/2015: Newark Star-Ledger (NJ), Congress' food stamp cuts neglect poor Americans, Susan Rack, RESULTS Bernardsville
  19. 3/30/2015: The Olympian (WA), Programs for poorest are need expanding, not cuts, Woody Moore, RESULTS Olympia
  20. 3/30/2015: Tacoma News Tribune (WA), Protection needed for kids – not corporations, Donna Munro, RESULTS Bremerton
  21. 3/31/2015: Cedar Rapids Gazette (IA), Judy McDowell, RESULTS Cedar Rapids
  22. 4/1/2015: Des Moines Register (IA), Budget uses language to sound patriotic, Judy Zobel, RESULTS Des Moines
  23. 4/1/2015: Custer County Chronicle (SD), Like Noem's Work, Shirley Jane Hobbs, RESULTS Rapid City
  24. 4/1/2015: Park City Record (UT), Support SNAP to ensure kids don't go hungry, Debbie Baskin, RESULTS Salt Lake CIty
  25. 4/5/2015: New Haven Register (CT), SNAP cuts will hurt children, Leslie Weinberg, RESULTS Stamford
  26. 4/6/2015: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO), Avoid drastic damage to federal nutrition programs, Vicki Carlson, RESULTS St. Louis
  27. 4/6/2015: Toledo Blade (OH), Home economics: Nutty and Nasty (editorial), RESULTS Detroit
  28. 4/7/2015: Deseret News (UT), Keep SNAP Funded, Ariane Dansie, RESULTS Salt Lake City
  29. 4/7/2015: Albuquerque Journal (NM), No snap judgments on SNAP program, Dee Ivy, RESULTS Albuquerque
  30. 4/7/2015: Salt Lake City Tribune (UT), Preserve SNAP funding for the poor, Ariane Dansie, RESULTS Salt Lake City
  31. 4/8/2015: Spokane Spokesman-Review (WA), Reverse SNAP Judgment, Debbie Detmer, RESULTS Spokane
  32. 4/8/2015: Baltimore Jewish Times (MD), Save SNAP!, Lior Miller, RESULTS Baltimore
  33. 4/10/2015: Stamford Advocate (CT), Congress avoids gaze of neediest (editorial), RESULTS Coastal Connecticut Free Agents
  34. 4/10/2015: Greenwich Time (CT), Congress avoids gaze of neediest (editorial), RESULTS Coastal Connecticut Free Agents
  35. 4/10/2015: Connecticut Post (CT), Congress avoids gaze of neediest (editorial), RESULTS Coastal Connecticut Free Agents
  36. 4/10/2015: CT News Times (CT), Congress avoids gaze of neediest (editorial), RESULTS Coastal Connecticut Free Agents
  37. 4/10/2015: Ogden Standard Examiner (UT), Keep SNAP Going, Juanita Barnes, RESULTS Salt Lake City
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  39. 4/12/2015: Everett Herald (WA), Fully fund SNAP to end hunger, Willie Dickerson, RESULTS Snohomish
  40. 4/13/2015: Chambersburg Public Opinion (PA), SNAP cuts to still-struggling region, Bruce Kessler, RESULTS South-Central Pennsylvania
  41. 4/15/2015: Des Moines Register (IA), Food stamp proposal would hurt hungry (editorial), RESULTS Des Moines
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  51. 4/17/2015: Newark Star-Ledger (NJ), Calling for Congress to stand up for SNAP, Jeff Olson, RESULTS Bernardsville
  52. 4/17/2015: Kitsap Sun (WA), Ask Congress to retain nutrition programs, James Franklin, RESULTS Kitsap
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  54. 4/17/2015: Santa Fe New Mexican (NM), Protect federal food assistance (editorial), RESULTS Santa Fe
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  56. 4/19/2015: Santa Fe New Mexican (NM), Budget will hurt people who depend on food stamps, Lydia Pendley, RESULTS Santa Fe
  57. 4/20/2015: San Diego Union-Tribune (CA): Food stamp program must be preserved, Donna Shanske, RESULTS San Diego
  58. 4/21/2015: Albuquerque Journal (NM) No cuts for food stamps, Judith Beery, RESULTS Santa Fe
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