Voices of the Week

Our more than 800 grassroots volunteers dedicate their lives to ending poverty. Working in over 100 communities across the U.S., our grassroots volunteers influence public policy by taking monthly advocacy actions, educating their communities about poverty, and urging their elected officials to make poverty a national and international policy priority. About half of our grassroots groups work on our U.S. poverty campaigns and half work on our global poverty campaigns.

See if there is a RESULTS group in your community or contact us about becoming a RESULTS volunteer.


Yolanda Gordon

Yolanda Gordon

“My children inspired me to become an advocate, and I became a RESULTS advocate because I was always told that I had a voice. I like that as an advocate, when we walk into an office or meet with a person, we are taken seriously. We are valid and important.”

Shams Al-Badry

Shams Al-Badry

“RESULTS has inspired me to push beyond my preconceived notions about our elected officials. I have met so many passionate individuals who are working together to end poverty in their communities and around the world.” Shams is a RESULTS REAL Change Fellow.

Judy Hamilton

Judy Hamilton

“I’m passionate about promoting equality and justice for all. Whether you live in one of the wealthiest nations in the world or the poorest, there are high levels of inequality. The more people working together, the better!” Judy leads the RESULTS group in Charleston, West Virginia.

Yaseer Khanani

Yaseer Khanani

“The amazing people that make up RESULTS motivated me to become an advocate. Their love for humanity and will to fight is an inspiration. They've shown me that there is incredible good in this world.” Yaseer is a RESULTS REAL Change Fellow. 

Liz Clerkin

Liz Clerkin

“My first lobby meeting was incredibly empowering. I went from feeling insignificant to powerful. There is nothing like being in a room with such committed, loving people.” Liz is a member of the RESULTS Cleveland group.

Yara Slaton

Yara Slaton

“It’s easy to feel disheartened right now. It’s easy to feel powerless and cynical. But if I had given up every time I felt that way, I would not be where I am today. So here’s an idea: let’s organize and fight for what we believe in. I believe in our collective power, and I believe in RESULTS.”

Sharvonne Williams

Sharvonne Williams

“In order for my community to become a safer and a more supportive environment, I must be the catalyst for that change. I love being able to say, ‘Congress works for me.’ I know my voice matters. It's important to share with my state officials and let them know that I am worth listening to and that I can make change.”

Nathaniel Faflick

Nathaniel is a member of the Kansas State University group. He ran into his senator one day at the school gym. He recognized Nathaniel from previous RESULTS lobbying meetings and requested another meeting that same day, where Nathaniel and his friends delivered 100+ letters in support of the READ Act (formerly EFA Act). The senator went on to pledge his support.

Michelle Tawil

Michelle Tawil

“What drives me to stay involved with RESULTS is the feasibility of our goals and how working within the system is truly possible and effective. A representative democracy will not function without the feedback and engagement of those it represents.” Michelle is a member of RESULTS Atlanta.

Beth Wilson

Beth is a long-time member of the RESULTS South Kitsap/Gig Harbor group. “We all work together, using our special skills and talents, building relationships of trust and mutual respect, and creating opportunities to advocate and forge a future of well being for all people.” Beth is also a board member at RESULTS.

Deirdre MacDonald - Voice of the Week

Deirdre MacDonald

Deirdre is a member of the RESULTS Lehigh Valley group in Pennsylvania. Her group has actively worked to build relationships with members of Congress, even inspiring them to cosponsor the Reach Act, a bill that aims to end preventable maternal and child deaths around the world. “Our advocacy does not go fact, quite the opposite!”

Tade Mengesha

“I have had the privilege of witnessing how the social safety net has benefited individuals in my own family. When politicians threatened these programs in the past, I thought nothing could be done. Through RESULTS, I realized that there is always something that can and NEEDS to be done.” Tade is an advocate with RESULTS Chicago.

Keith Sabella

Inspired by his own experiences with poverty as a child and later as a single parent, Keith became an advocate “to help those made most vulnerable by unfair economic policies.” Keith enjoys the community he experiences with other advocates and the “knowledge that we are making a difference.”

Kiran Waqar

“While there have been many great moments since I joined RESULTS, I think the best would have to be when I met with Senator Leahy and Senator Sanders. After that meeting, I knew that my actions had effects and my voice was being heard.” Kiran is a member of the RESULTS Burlington group.

Maryse Pedoussaut

“I learned about RESULTS in 2014. Seeing so much enthusiasm helped me think positively about our future. Working all day with underserved patients, I see more and more every day the need for RESULTS.” Maryse is an advisor to the RESULTS group at Florida International University.



Justin Gaudian

 “RESULTS is a breeding ground for agents of change. Its structure is an educational tool for ordinary people in our society who are bothered by the ever-growing rift between people and politics and want to reclaim their voices.” Justin is currently a REAL Change Fellow with RESULTS. 

Tianna Gaines-Turner

“My mother inspired me to be an advocate and to speak out for what's right. I have the platform to show my children that it's not where you live, it's who you are that counts. It makes me feel good to know I'm doing my part to make a difference.” Tianna is one of RESULTS’ Experts on Poverty. 

Natalie Ebert - Voice of the Week

Natalie Eberts

Natalie is a RESULTS intern in Fargo, ND. She and two other advocates met with Rep. Cramer about the Reach Every Mother and Child Act. They each shared personal stories about the importance of health and nutrition for mothers and children, and were thrilled when he said he would give his co-sponsorship.

Qiana Torregano - Voice of the Week

Qiana Torregano

“My passions are embedded in the work of being an effective advocate. My father and grandfather initially inspired me to become an advocate, but the children of New Orleans & Baton Rouge, Louisiana are my true inspiration to stand up and effectively and innovatively provide the platform for them to do the same.” Qiana is one of RESULTS’ Experts on Poverty.

Manilan Houle - Voice of the Week

Manilan Houle

Manny is an advocate and former REAL Change Fellow at RESULTS. “I am very passionate about ensuring that voices of marginalized communities are heard in the political system. I was really inspired to become an advocate when a mentor of mine told me that I had to use my voice. It was time that I stood up and showed up to be heard.”

Carl Schneider

Carl Schneider  

“Since becoming an advocate, I feel that I am actively participating in the democratic process. RESULTS volunteers are strategically working to influence high-leverage policies.” Carl is a program coordinator for students in Memphis, TN. “My voice matters, and I can impact policy decisions that affect my students and their communities.”

Pamela M. Covington

Pamela M. Covington

Pamela is a speaker, writer, and one of RESULTS’ Experts on Poverty. She recently published a letter to the editor about expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit. “Being an advocate provides me the opportunity to combine my energy, skills and life experiences to help address issues affecting impoverished people.” 

Lindsay Saunders - Voice of the Week

Lindsay Saunders

Lindsay first met with Rep. George Holding’s office in North Carolina in 2014. She and other members of RESULTS Raleigh were persistent in calling, emailing, and meeting with him and his staff. They were thrilled when he signed on as a cosponsor for the Reach Act, legislation aimed at ending maternal and child deaths around the world. “Personal connections make things meaningful."

Garrett Wilkinson - Voice of the Week

Garrett Wilkinson

“A 20-year-old pre-med student can write an op-ed and get a call from his senator,” says Garrett Wilkinson, a junior at Kansas State University. “That’s astounding.” Garrett was a Real Change Fellow in 2015 and went on to start a RESULTS group on his college campus. “If everyone took a little time to write a letter and make a phone call, we wouldn’t need to complain so much about what’s happening in Congress.”

Heide Craig - Voice of the Week

Heide Craig

Heide Craig is a RESULTS advocate and regional coordinator in Greenville, South Carolina. “I want every mother and child, in every country around the world, to have a chance. That’s why I’m an advocate.” She recently visited Kenya to better understand the impact of RESULTS’ advocacy. “I’ve seen firsthand that the work we do has the power to transform people’s lives.”

Abigail Akande

“I see myself as a global citizen,” says Abigail Akande, a university professor in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She recently spoke on public radio in Little Rock about the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB & Malaria, and published an op-ed in the Arkansas Times. “Advocacy is never a waste of time and energy, and the rewards are exponential.”

Minh Nguyen

Last fall, Minh Nguyen zigzagged the state of New Hampshire to engage presidential candidates on issues like childhood education, nutrition, and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. “I just want to do something to make a positive difference in the world. Advocacy has totally changed my life.” Minh was a RESULTS Election Fellow in 2015; read more about his work here. 

Asia Bijan Thompson

“I have been able to use my voice and my story to inspire other struggling single mothers to believe that it's possible to succeed.” Asia Bijan Thompson is a senior at Misericordia University, and one of RESULTS’ Experts on Poverty. “With all of our voices together, we will make ourselves heard.”