Staff and Board

RESULTS staff, board of directors, and grassroots volunteers are committed to ending poverty.

Our Grassroots Volunteers

Our more than 800 grassroots volunteers dedicate their lives to ending poverty. Working in over 100 communities across the U.S., our grassroots volunteers influence public policy by taking monthly advocacy actions, educating their communities about poverty, and urging their elected officials to make poverty a national and international policy priority. About half of our grassroots groups work on our U.S. poverty campaigns and half work on our global poverty campaigns.

See if there is a RESULTS group in your community or contact us about becoming a RESULTS partner.

Our Staff

Expansion Manager   Nick Arena
Communications Associate   Avery Artman
Education for All Campaign Manager   Tony Baker
Global Health Organizer   Amanda Beals
TB Advocacy Officer   David Bryden
Finance Director   Mark Butler
Executive Director   Joanne Carter
Senior Associate – Liaison to Vice Chair for Stop TB Partnership   Delia Clayton
Senior Development Associate   Jerusa Contee
Grassroots Development Associate   Jen DeFranco
Director of Domestic (U.S. Poverty) Campaigns   Meredith Dodson
Global Legislative Director   John Fawcett
ACTION Senior Associate   Kate Goertzen
Senior Legislative Associate   Allison Grossman
Director of Grants Administration   Aldwyn Hamilton de Cabrera
ACTION Associate   Evi Harmon
Grassroots Manager, U.S. Poverty Campaigns   Jos Linn
Senior Global Grassroots Associate   Lisa Marchal
Development Manager   Jennifer Paprotna
Project Associate   Jack McLaughlin
Senior Policy Associate   Crickett Nicovich
Director of Organizational Effectiveness   John Odenwelder
Global Grassroots Manager   Ken Patterson
Senior Communications Associate   Angela Pereira
Outreach and Advocacy Associate   Carly Pildis
Controller   Jackie Reidinger
ACTION Senior Associate   Alison Root
Senior Grants Associate   Clara Savage
ACTION Senior Associate   Mandy Slutsker
Deputy Director of Communications   Colin Smith
Senior Associate   Jennifer Stephens
Office Manager   Cynthia Stancil
Director of Program Development   Victoria Treland
Senior Grants Associate   Lauren Troy

Microcredit Summit Campaign Staff

Staff listing of the Microcredit Summit Campaign

Our Board of Directors

All of our board members currently serve. Our board members are independent, voting members except for our executive director, Joanne Carter, a non-voting member and employee of RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund.


Scott Leckman, M.D.

Executive Committee

Joanne Carter, Executive Director, RESULTS, Inc. and RESULTS Educational Fund, Ex officio

Sam Daley-Harris, Founder, RESULTS, Inc. and RESULTS Educational Fund

Vanessa Garcia, Grassroots Board Member

Cindy Levin, Grassroots Board Member

Ernie Loevinsohn, Issues Committee Chair, Executive Director, Fund for Global Health

Lydia Pendley, Bylaws Committee Chair, Grassroots Board Member

Jan Twombly, Audit Committee Chair, Treasurer & President, The Rhythm of Business

Beth Wilson, Grassroots Board Member

Additional Members: Board of Directors

Bob Bennett, Former United States Senator (R-Utah)

Kul Gautum, Member/Advisor of the Nepal Development Council

Valerie Harper, Actress

Patrick Hughes, Founder and CEO, Inclusion Solutions

Marianne Williamson, Author and Lecturer

Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children's Defense Fund

Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Founder, Grameen Bank


RESULTS/REF Board Minutes February 15, 2014