Mission and Structure

Our Mission

Our vision is of a world where the devastating impacts of poverty no longer cripple the ability of individuals and families to sustain themselves and contribute their talents to the world in which they live — where all people have a fair chance at success. But it takes citizens pressuring their leaders for effective anti-poverty programs to receive the attention, policies, and funding they need.

That’s why RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund (REF) stand out. Our mission is to create the public and political will to end poverty by empowering individuals to exercise their personal and political power for change. We combine the voices of our passionate grassroots activists with strategic grass-tops efforts to leverage millions of dollars for programs and improved policies that give low-income people the health, education, and opportunity they need to thrive.

Our Organizational Structure

RESULTS and REF work synergistically.

RESULTS Educational Fund (REF), our tax-deductible 501(c)(3) arm, identifies and promotes the most effective solutions to poverty by:

  • Performing cutting-edge research on poverty issues and programs and oversight of U.S. spending related to poverty domestically and internationally.
  • Building support for proven poverty-fighting strategies by engaging and educating the public, policy makers, and opinion leaders, leading educational trips, working in coalitions, and encouraging the media to report on solutions to poverty.
  • Supporting powerful citizenship by training volunteers in public speaking, generating media, hosting community forums, and educating their communities and elected officials about issues related to our campaigns.

RESULTS, our nonprofit, grassroots advocacy 501(c)(4) arm, supports specific anti-poverty legislation by:

  • Mobilizing around key legislative opportunities that will have the greatest impact on the lives of low-income people. This can range from supporting members of Congress in generating bipartisan support for anti-poverty legislation to helping legislators craft bills that will benefit the poorest.
  • Empowering ordinary people to become powerful voices for the end of poverty with a unique training and support system. RESULTS has grassroots chapters in over 100 locations in the U.S., which form one of the most engaged and effective grassroots networks in the world.
  • Advocating for policies and legislation that create or safeguard effective solutions to poverty, make programs run more efficiently and effectively, and extend coverage to those who need it.

RESULTS was founded in 1980 and RESULTS Educational Fund in 1981.

The RESULTS Core Values

  1. Individual Transformation
  2. Ongoing Learning
  3. Taking Action
  4. Powerful Relationships and Community
  5. Empowering Citizens

Learn more on our Core Values page.

The RESULTS Network

In the quest to generate the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund have woven together a community of stakeholders who share a common vision:

  • Volunteers: Our frontline advocates and fundraisers in over 100 communities in the U.S.
  • Staff: Dedicated experts who train and support our volunteers with information and strategy. Staff also develop the most strategic campaigns, do quality oversight research, and lead "grass-tops" efforts.
  • Members of Congress: Supporting programs that save lives and provide opportunities for low-income people to pull themselves out of poverty.
  • Media: Influencing decision makers and educating the public.
  • Donors: Giving their financial support to achieve our mission.
  • Foundations and Corporations: Supporting the work of RESULTS Educational Fund.
  • Other Organizations: Partners whose combined knowledge and support amplify our impact.
  • Experts in the Field and “Grass-tops” Leaders: Individuals who lend expertise and greater visibility to our campaigns.
  • Millions of Low-income People: Individuals who strive to ensure that their families have food on their tables, shelter to keep warm, and education and opportunities for their children.