Stan Merrell: “It’s the best business deal I’ve ever made!”

Stan Merrell For two decades, RESULTS volunteer Stan Merrell has introduced himself to members of Congress this way: “I don't think we can ever have a world at peace for our kids or grandkids as long as over 25,000 children are dying every day from preventable causes. I’m convinced that the death of a child in Kenya isn’t any easier than it is here. I’m searching for a world at peace.”

Stan first learned about RESULTS in 1986 and has been active ever since-as a group leader in Washington state and now, launching a new chapter in Hawaii. In addition to his dedicated and passionate activism, Stan has made a monthly donation to RESULTS primarily because, each year, he can make one crucial change to his introduction. “From the time I started with RESULTS, the number of children dying needlessly each day has dropped from 40,000 a day to 26,500. That’s real progress, especially considering that the population has doubled in that time. It’s the results that convince me that this organization is highly worth my time and money.”

Over the years, his monthly gifts have grown from $10 to $100, which, he confesses, is a bit steep for his family, but worth it. “If you divide up the number of people involved with RESULTS and the amount of money we leverage for programs like microcredit and health care, each of us raises tens of thousands of dollars a year. It’s the best business deal I’ve ever made!”

Individually, none of us could influence Congress to fund the proven solutions that have saved the lives of millions of children, but working collectively, persistently, and strategically we can do extraordinary things to correct the pain and injustice of poverty in the world. Monthly donations like Stan’s ensure that RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund have the stable income necessary to reach our mission of empowering everyday people and ending poverty in the U.S. and around the world.

Consider becoming a monthly donor today.