Anne Child: “I’ve become a leader thanks to RESULTS”

Anne ChildIt was after September 11 that Anne Child decided to get involved with her local RESULTS chapter in Austin, Texas. She believed part of the solution to terrorism was for the U.S. to address an underlying cause — poverty. “I knew RESULTS was working for the right sort of things and I realized I couldn’t sit by and expect someone else to do it,” she says.

Anne jumped right in, learning about solutions to poverty and taking regular actions. It wasn’t long before she was recruited to be the group leader of the RESULTS Austin chapter, and then regional coordinator. Regional coordinators are key links between RESULTS’ staff and RESULTS’ chapters. They meet weekly by phone with our staff and then with group leaders in their region to explain what actions need to be taken and to coach activists on everything from meeting with members of Congress to getting media published to fundraising.

Says Anne, “We get great support from RESULTS’ staff who provide us with inspiration and information, and really coach us on how to coach our groups. They’re always there for us.”

From her volunteering, Anne has grown in ways that surprise her. “I never have been one to think I’d be a manager,” she admits. But she’s come to excel at rallying and supporting her RESULTS groups, and developing deep levels of leadership.

And the time she spends supporting other volunteers is well worth it. “When they take action and get results, there’s nothing like seeing someone you’ve helped accomplish something they want to do.”

If you’re ready for leadership, find a RESULTS chapter near you or start one in your city.