Meet Our Volunteer Advocates

Our more than 800 grassroots volunteers dedicate their lives to ending poverty. Working in over 100 communities across the U.S., our grassroots volunteers influence public policy by taking monthly advocacy actions, educating their communities about poverty, and urging their elected officials to make poverty a national and international policy priority. About half of our grassroots groups work on our U.S. poverty campaigns and half work on our global poverty campaigns.

See if there is a RESULTS group in your community or contact us about becoming a RESULTS volunteer.


  Meet Tamara

Through her work as a REAL Change Fellow, and now as a participant in RESULTS’ new Experts on Poverty program, Tamara is determined to fight the stigma associated with vital programs like SNAP. She also wants to empower others to share their own stories and become skilled advocates for change.

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  Bob’s Legacy 

Bob Dickerson’s legacy isn’t just the change he helped create in the world, but the change he created in the people around him.

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Sandra Eagle

   Meet Sandra

Through her own work with marginalized kids in Connecticut, RESULTS volunteer Sandra Eagle knew the transformative impact of a quality education. So in 2014 she resolved to make her voice heard in the media on issues that matter — starting with education.

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   Meet Pahoua

"In the back of my head, I had assumed that because poverty has always existed that it will always exist. But it was this very mindset that was holding me back."

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