Meet Our Everyday Heroes

Everyday heroes come from all circumstances, continents, and walks of life. They contribute to the goal of ending poverty through their voices, their time, their money, their collaboration, and their passionate commitment to a more just world.

Each of these people, and hundreds more, have found what they’re looking for — a way to act on their vision of a world without poverty — through the powerful support of RESULTS and REF. By giving people the training, tools, and support needed to make their voices heard in the corridors of power, RESULTS changes lives — of those who don’t believe they can make a difference and of those living in poverty.

Mike Batell: “The Most Important Thing I've Ever Done”

Mike Batell in TanzaniaWhen Mike Batell approached RESULTS Educational Fund (REF) about making a substantial donation, we were excited and intrigued. After all, Mike is only 27 and not long before had been living on an entry-level nonprofit salary. But a career change had increased his income and he decided to put his money towards his passion — helping people move out of poverty — and to do it in a way that leveraged a greater impact.

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Josh Lee: “I’m more empowered now”

Josh Lee and Leo SitrukJosh Lee was once “just another politically apathetic person.” The University of Michigan college student admits that he felt distant from politics and that he believed “poor people just didn’t want to work hard.”

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Stan Merrell: “It’s the best business deal I’ve ever made!”

Stan MerrellFor two decades, RESULTS volunteer Stan Merrell has introduced himself to members of Congress this way: “I don’t think we can ever have a world at peace for our kids or grandkids as long as over 25,000 children are dying every day from preventable causes. I’m convinced that the death of a child in Kenya isn’t any easier than it is here. I’m searching for a world at peace.”

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Colette Hernandez: “I’m changing the world with my voice”

Colette Hernandez and her daughter Emily“For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a say-so in what happens in this country,” said Colette Hernandez. “I love how RESULTS motivates folks. Things you couldn’t imagine yourself doing, you find yourself doing. I would never have imagined myself speaking to the National Press Club, but RESULTS gave me the opportunity. RESULTS fulfills dreams!”

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Charles Wallace: “By partnering with RESULTS, I’m opening doors”

Dr. Charles Wallace is passionate about his partnership with RESULTS. “My history is doing as much as I can for the underserved who have been disenfranchised. That’s what RESULTS does — opens doors for people who would not be able get through that door otherwise. We have to stand together to make a difference in the lives of all people around the world. We are the only ones who are going to make a difference.”

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Bob Dickerson: “RESULTS gives me a concrete way to make the world better”

Bob DickersonIn September 1999, Bob Dickerson learned he had a slow-growing, cancerous tumor that was probably terminal. So he quit his job. Not to worry over his condition or to travel the world, but to dedicate himself to helping others. “I loved my job as a lawyer and I’d had fun in my life,” Bob said, “but I wanted to make the world a better place.”

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Diana Fertsch: “I’m making my money go farther”

Diana and Steve Fertsch“I’ve always had a fire in my belly working for the underserved, so RESULTS is a natural place for me to explore advocacy on a bigger level,” says Dr. Diana Fertsch, a pediatrician in Baltimore. Diana sees the tragedies caused by our nations’ flawed health system daily.

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Anne Child: “I’ve become a leader thanks to RESULTS”

Anne ChildIt was after September 11 that Anne Child decided to get involved with her local RESULTS chapter in Austin, Texas. She believed part of the solution to terrorism was for the U.S. to address an underlying cause — poverty. “I knew RESULTS was working for the right sort of things and I realized I couldn’t sit by and expect someone else to do it,” she says.

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Merelyn Worthy: “I’m leaving a legacy of opportunity”

Merelyn WorthyLike many people without obvious heirs, Merelyn Worthy didn’t feel an urgent need to make a will. The turning point came when she had a cancer scare. “It was a wake-up call that I had to get this done. I don’t want the government to make decisions about my money. I want something positive to happen out of my passing.”

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