The people behind the scenes on Capitol Hill

By Cynthia Changyit Levin
March 02, 2017

We know that face-to-face meetings with lawmakers are the gold-standard for advocacy. But if your member of Congress can't see you quickly, how can we still have our voices heard?

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We Cannot Stand for This

March 01, 2017

We cannot stand for this. Yesterday the White House told reporters it hopes to slash funding from foreign aid and our fight against global poverty. Meanwhile, Congress is gearing up to attack critical nutrition and health care programs here in the United States.

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Congress is coming to you this week

February 22, 2017

This week, Congress is out of session, which means they’re at home to meet with their bosses. That’s you.

Town hall meetings are a hallmark of our democracy. And the absolute best way to influence your members of Congress is for them to hear from you – their constituent – face-to-face. In addition to sit-down meetings with policymakers,  find a town hall near you, get your question ready, and be ready to be the first one with their hand in their air.

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Building Brain Power: A new RESULTS brief on the importance of investing in young children

By Aaron Merchen
February 17, 2017

As a new year and a new administration begin, RESULTS continues to advocate for increased resources and implementation of policies that prioritize expanding access to free, quality early childhood development programs in the poorest countries around the world. To that effect, we have recently published an advocacy brief focusing on the importance of Building Brain Power.

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